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2005-01-10 - 5:26 p.m.

I've got it. Jen! Jen, you are the center of the universe. Everything begins at Jen. It's like coolness eminates from Jen. I looked to see the referals to my journal and what did I learn? Most people visit me through Jen's diary. Does that mean that since Jen has a link to this stuff through her diary that I am in some crazy way cool too. I mean, if the center of the universe has a link to this place then it must be cool too. Right?

Anyway, you know how I can get into something so badly that I must search the Internet for goodies related to it? Ok, maybe you don't, but you do now. I have a bunch of desktop picks of things that interested me and I had to have them. Recent example...Invader Zim. I found this cool pic of Grr. It's awesome to turn on my computer is the first thing I see is Grr. He's there looking back at me.

"What does Grr stand for?"
"I don't know."

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